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asoluna absorbers for solar collector manufacturers/OEM

sunstrip absorber strips

Asoluna develops, manufactures and delivers absorbers to solar collector manufacturers all over the  world under the absorber trademarks Sunstrip and Lazerplate. More than 20 years as a business partner in the solar collector industry have made the Sunstrip absorber strip one of the most common on the market, and an  exclusively tried and used product.


the strips can be used in the following applications.

• Flat solar collectors
• Large collectors
• Domestic collectors
• Vacuum tube collectors
• CPC-solar collectors (parabolic)

High performance

The high performance is a result from a combination of a highly specialized surface, good fin  efficiency and excellent heat transfer properties. The heat transfer properties are in turn the  result of a unique construction. The absorber strip is made of aluminium with a metallically joined copper tube. The tube’s  rhombic shape allows a turbulent flow in the tube, which increases the heat transfer to the  heating medium. The rhombic shape also increases the heat-transferring area. The negligible volume of liquid in the tube reduces any dynamic loss and increases the solar  collector’s energy efficiency. These qualities are especially important in large solar collectors,  for which Sunstrip absorber strips have proven to be particularly suitable. The Sunstrip Protect protective layer has further improved the strip’s long-term properties.

Long life span

The Swedish Testing and Research Institute (SP) has carried out a number of tests on the  sputtered Sunstrip absorbers. The tests were conducted in accordance with the requirements  and methods stipulated by IES Task (International Energy Agency).

The tests included checking the surface’s durability against condensation and high  temperatures. The results were approved and the values correspond to a product life span of  over 25 years.

development, production & supply

Asoluna develops, produces and supplies absorbers under the Sunstrip trademark for solar collector manufacturers all over the world. The finished absorber is based on Sunstrip absorber strips, which  offer an overall efficiency of the very highest class.

Areas of application for the Sunstrip absorber:
• Flat solar collectors
• Large collectors up to 14 m²
• Domestic collectors  1-3 m²

customised absorbers

The absorbers can be built with both serial and parallel flow in customized sizes from 1.5 – 14  m 2 . The strip comes in different widths: 143, 122, and 70 mm, depending on the level of  performance to be achieved. A highly developed production technique and the fact that we monitor our entire production process help us maintain very short delivery times, even when making customized solutions. The absorbers are delivered pressure-tested and are ready to be installed in the solar collector. 

simple to install

The combination of copper and aluminium gives the absorber a low weight and high rigidity. This makes the complete absorber easier to lift and handle, compared to more common  constructions found on the market. This results in smoother installation, something  particularly important for large-scale absorbers.